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Playtime-Boost your Kid’s Development

By Kiddington on September 26, 2014 in Child Development with 0 Comments

It’s Football….footbaallllllll! The new Ad for Football League talks to the inner child in everyone. A catchy tune, that sticks to your mind and plays through all day. A few weeks ago it was T20 that was catching the world’s fancy. Games, sports have always made children interested. Yet, play is a word that is quickly diminishing from daily routines children follow these days, what with the competitive edge, one-upmanship, as well as trends that hook children to the TV or the computer. Studies and research done on children suggest that “Playtime” is very important for the overall development of the child. Playtime is needed to give a boost to your kid’s development.

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26 Sep 2014

kids playing

The Birth of Kiddington

By Kiddington on June 5, 2014 in @Kiddington with 0 Comments

Let me introduce you to Kiddington – The new safe and hygienic play zone in Kandivali.

Kiddington is the result of a long and loving journey of an entrepreneurial family. In their own words “The concept of Kiddington took birth one day when we ran out of options to engage our kids in Kandivali. They are very young and always wanting to explore new stuff. As is with kids they were done with toys in no time and craved for outdoor play. We started visiting malls and play zones each week only to realise that none of these really met the standards we had experienced in our travels abroad. Having had the exposure to some of the finest play areas in UK and Asia, we were really amazed at the infrastructure and play zones available for kids there. We realised that kids playtime was being affected by lack of clean, safe playgrounds.

Soon the idea took root and over time we were convinced that there is a need to introduce an International Play area concept in Mumbai. Today as we launch Kiddington there is a sense of fulfilment and pride in what we have achieved from the germination of an idea to the real launch.

With Kiddington we aim to change the way kids play and party. Not only is the play area conceptualised and planned with kids of different age groups in mind but each piece of equipment has been tested for and cleared as per safety standards. All the parents in mumbai suburbs now have an option of this amazing play zone in Kandivali ensuring that their kids get the best of play time all year round.”

The Play zone is open from 11 am to 8 pm all days.  Visit kids party zone for details.

5 Jun 2014

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