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Hello Parents!

Welcome to Kiddington – The unique indoor playarea that is going to make your child’s imagination fly !!

Kids love to play. While we fuss over our children using gadgets, what is really missing is a play space for them to play to their hearts content. And we are here to provide just that!  Our playarea has been designed for the child to explore while crossing different kinds of hurdles and finally come down tunnels and slides for the exhilarating experience.

Kiddington was established in year 2014 with the Kandivali Center offering a playarea alongside a relaxing café and a party hall for the enjoyable birthday parties.

The Pune Center went live in February 2018 with an exciting non-traditional play set up.

The Kiddington experience as quoted by one of our clients -

“Amazing place, Excellent ambience, impeccable customer service, Staff makes you feel at home. It clearly shows that the owners have taken extra care and effort to make the place safe & at the same time enjoyable.

It is a must go & far better than any other play areas!! ” – Mr. Nirav Desai

Kiddington is a spectacular concept brought to life by the efforts of a dedicated team with a singular aim – to provide kids in India with the best in world class recreation combined with physical activities in a safe and hygienic indoor environment. Yes, we take safety very seriously!

Having had exposure to the some of the world’s best children’s recreation zones in UK and Asia, the founders have set up Kiddington to ensure the best play experience for the kids. Our café at the Kandivali Center serves some delicious snacks and beverages that you can enjoy while your child plays.

Our staff has been trained to manage every child and ensure their safety.

Our Birthday parties have created numerous memorable moments for parents to cherish. Right from an Express Party to a Grand one, we have them all. Themes, DJ, Magic Show… name it and we will arrange it for you. A birthday with PLAYTIME is an excellent choice, both for parents and the children.

Your search for your kids play and party time ends here.
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