Lights, Camera, Dance, Sing & Act..Mesmerize!

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Lights, Camera, Dance, Sing & Act..Mesmerize!

By Kiddington on April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized with Comments

I recently had an opportunity to judge the “Gujarati and Marwadi Super Kids Contest” – a Talent and Fashion contest for kids organized by Qnox Advertising, a company owned by Vaishali and Yash Bhuptani.
Kiddington was the pre-event venue partner.

The auditorium was buzzing with enthusiastic parents, their eyes filled with a mix of optimism, pride, joy and jitters for their very own loved participant.
Backstage – we could spot several junior feet adorned with fancy shoes taking the stage, getting ready for the grand opening.

Vaishali had taken the lead with the kids while Yash was busy on his walkie –talkie making sure there were no loose ends at the event.

The curtains opened with a vibrant group performance. It was fun to watch the little ones carefully finding their parents amongst the crowd and waving goodbye before they exit the stage.

Next was the Fashion Show. Stage fear???!!! Not a chance!!
We witnessed a bunch of vivacious kids, confidently taking the stage with their impressive catwalk styles, few cartwheels and cuteness loaded for the little ones tossing flying kisses to the audience. Adorable indeed!!

The Talent Contest turned out to be an intriguing mix of various talents – dancing, singing, acting and some even mesmerizing the audience!!
Let us not forget that some of the children were here despite having exams round the corner. Yet they managed to perform considerably well.

2 performances that left the audience mesmerized certainly deserve a mention.
A mimicry act by 5-year-old Saloni. Absolute bundle of joy, all dressed up as “Mr. Iyer” having a conversation with “Jethalal”. She stole hearts!!! We just could not stop smiling. What a joy to watch her act!

The other one was a stunning display of visualization through meditation by 11-year-old Dev Savla. Dev was able to visualize any item blindfolded through the volunteer’s mind. Just by holding hands of the volunteer, he was able to enter their minds and visualize the item they were thinking about. Truly commendable! A god gift that he and his family identified, acknowledged and encouraged him to cultivate it further.

Undoubtedly, Saloni and Dev took away the first place in each of their age categories. Yes, they are gifted with a remarkable talent, but can we ignore the time and effort contributed by the child and the parents to nurture this gift into a beautiful life transforming skill? Talent Contests like these serve as a wonderful platform for children to display their talent, earn recognition and get motivated for a better performance each time.

Finally, a small message and learning from the event-
To Parents – a little nudge in the right direction can get your child soaring. We, as parents, need to observe and acknowledge our child’s skills, only then can we work towards enriching it.
To the lovely adorable kids – Do not ever give up!! Those who won, winning is not the end, it is only the beginning of a new chapter.

13 Apr 2016

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