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If it’s Party time it’s got a to be at Kiddington! That’s the unanimous response from Kids and Parents when when you ask about the kiddington experience.

Hosting a unique kind of birthday party is always on the minds of parents. We understand the need for a hep, upmarket partying place without the label of high-price around it.

The Party Zone and yes it’s different from the play zone is a huge place decorated with custom wall papers, space for a DJ console, dance floor and much more.

Custom Theme parties are a specialty at Kiddington and will take the kids into a different space altogether. We can get you Magicians, DJ, games, tattoo artists, the clowns and much more. We appeal to the kids’ imagination and make each party interesting and memories to be cherished. We offer packages based on group size and party requirements.

You can have theme parties for small and large groups or just a fun, food and games party and so on…. As the Children enter the Party Zone it is sure to get them in festive mood even before the celebrations begin.

Kiddington is not just a kids play and birthday party venue in kandivali, it’s an experience that parents and Children come back for again and again!