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Outdoor Play-Smarter Kids

By Kiddington on October 28, 2014 in Child Development with Comments

Aren’t we amazed at the capabilities of the toddlers of the generation who can handle laptops and ipads with the ease, while we struggled to learn it the first time it was introduced to us? Their technological skills are amazing, no doubt, but have we ever realized the cost at which it comes? I am not talking of the cost of technology; I am sure all of us can afford technology. What we cannot afford to have is to let your kid get alienated from outdoor playing. 

There is no one reason that can be blamed, but this is the trend today. Kids are better off at racing cars on video games than playing cricket in the open. A major factor contributing to this are the time pressed parents. Not completely at fault, they find no time to supervise their kid’s activity outdoors and they cannot obviously let the child out on his own. Safety is definitely an issue. No parent would however consciously ignore the need of a child for physical activities.

Being outdoors is the prerequisite for the child to learn physical skills. It is important for their motor skills development. It is only through outdoor play that they can learn important motor skills. Simple things like pushing swings and lifting objects are important for a child’s proper psychological development too.

What’s more, its outdoor playing that lets the child burn calories. Burning calories is as important for a child as it is for an adult. That is the only way a child can be saved from health hazards like obesity, heart diseases and a host of other weight related ailments. We don’t need to make the mistake that the Americans did. They let their kids get lost in the world of technology and today a good number of them have obesity, hypertension and arteriosclerosis before the age of 5. While we don’t mind borrowing the good things from them, we just don’t want to suffer the way they have. While we have had active childhoods, we are less prone to weight related issues today. Why let our kids suffer. We definitely need them to be more active and stay healthier.

The world today is more competitive than ever, and we definitely want our kids to be ahead of the rest. While classroom learning is important we often ignore the fact that physical play is conducive to learning. Physical playing is more than just exercise. It also affect cognitive and emotional development in a positive way. As they invent games, they start becoming innovative. As they socialise with other kids they learn the art of communication. Even in the toddlers fights, you can see the development of survival tactics and even leadership skills. When in groups, the learn organizing and while playing complex games with others, decision making is sharpened. They even learn basic maths like counting and keeping records while playing simple group games.

Let you child play and let him/her grow the Mother Nature’s way.

28 Oct 2014

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