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Donut Slide : Sit in the donut and glide down the slide for an exhilarating experience. We decided to do away with the traditional slides and bring in some adventure into sliding. The Donut slide is definitely getting a thumbs up from your child.

Why slide?
Slides are not just exciting for children, they come loaded with benefits. Observe how your child learns to explore and gain confidence to come down this fast paced thrilling slide. Once they touch the bottom of the slide, the feeling of winning serves as a tremendous confidence booster for the child.

The effort to pull up the donut promotes physical activity. Not to mention the social skills they develop as they wait for their turn.

Wall Climbing : Target is to touch the “K” of our very own colorful KIDDINGTON wall climbing. So get on the safety harness and begin the climb ! This adventure is ideal for the age group of 3-10 years. Challenge them to get to the top. Build their confidence.

Why Wall climbing ?

Great physical activity to develop gross and fine motor skills. Kids will learn to manoeuvre and find their way to the top. With each step they learn decision making , problem solving and enhance their risk taking ability. Perseverance, confidence and concentration are supplementary benefits.  For children who are physically challenged, this is the best exercise that combines fun and physical development at the same time.

Roller Slide : The fun element does not stop. The roller slide is a delight ! Kids just love this slide as the rollers glide them down to the bottom. A little jute sack to sit on, keeps them safe and makes the ride exciting. Trick is to bend your knees to increase the speed.

Why roller slide ?

The roller slide is going to develop the special awareness in the child and enhance balance and co-ordination. It is also a sensory experience as the rollers touch their legs and they feel the rolling movement as they slide. The excitement continues as they have to find their way to the top of this slide through a maze.

Ball Pool : This is a never ending enjoyment zone for the toddlers. A swim in the colorful balls is an ecstatic experience in itself. The joy, smiles and giggles are endless as parents grab the opportunity to get some admirable pictures of their kids

Why ball pool ?

Colorful balls in a large pool provide tactile, sensory and visual skills enhancement for toddlers. The hand eye co-ordination improves as they pick up balls and throw them. It is a therapeutic tool to relax and soothe the mind.

Rope Tunnel : A challenging rope tunnel to crawl and cross over. This is ideal for the age group of 4 years to 10 years.  Explore the exciting way from one end of the playarea to the other end as you watch the kids jumping the trampoline right below you.

Why crawl ?

Scooting through tunnels gives the much needed exercise to the arms and legs, helping to control their movement. It teaches mobility, balance and co-ordination.

Trampoline : A non traditional L shaped trampoline for the added thrill. Jump, jump….how high can you reach ?

Why trampoline ?

Give your child a dose of cardio. It improves their muscle and bone strength. A low impact exercise that also improves immunity.