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Playtime-Boost your Kid’s Development

By Kiddington on September 26, 2014 in Child Development with Comments

It’s Football….footbaallllllll! The new Ad for Football League talks to the inner child in everyone. A catchy tune, that sticks to your mind and plays through all day. A few weeks ago it was T20 that was catching the world’s fancy. Games, sports have always made children interested. Yet, play is a word that is quickly diminishing from daily routines children follow these days, what with the competitive edge, one-upmanship, as well as trends that hook children to the TV or the computer. Studies and research done on children suggest that “Playtime” is very important for the overall development of the child. Playtime is needed to give a boost to your kid’s development.

Today you find children are tech savvy and near geniuses when it comes to technology and its uses; however, they are also sometimes selfish, loners and often stubborn when it comes to their needs. Parents these days are at their wits end, thinking of way in which to wean their children away from their mobile phones, play stations, TV and the internet towards play. They say children are like the potter’s clay; mould them the way you want to get the desired shape. Your natural instinct is to protect your child from harm, make sure that they have the best, the world has to offer.

Why is it necessary? What makes playtime so important that doctors insist on it?

Well the answer lies in the fact that children learn about their surroundings when they are out playing. They become aware of various facts and learn to use their brain to focus on their task, develop their motor skills while become better coordinated. Playing allows the children to bond with other children their age, learn leadership skills, decision making skills. Playing with other children allows them to develop their listening capabilities, learn how to co-operate with others, as well as dealing with others.

Not only can your child’s playtime act as a time to teach him or her something new, you can add to their experiences as well. Playtime doesn’t mean expensive toys; it can also mean toys that may help unleash the creative side of your child. Building blocks, colouring pictures, a sand pit with a tray, shovel, boxes etc can help your child develop his cognitive skills, increase his memory and even help recognition. Watch your child play and grow into a well attuned, flexible and social adult that you can be proud of.

26 Sep 2014

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