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Wonderland of play & pleasure for kids in Mumbai

By Kiddington on January 11, 2020 in @Kiddington with Comments

We’re happy that you’ve heard of our little wonderland!

Most likely, that entails you have little wonderlings of your own. And, of course, you want to find a space for them to do more than is usually offered in their daily lives. Trust us, we know how you feel!

Perhaps you need a space where they can be supervised while you catch up with your pals or finish that pending assignment. Or perhaps you, being the good parent you are, need to ensure that their lifestyles have a more rounded approach—you want them to develop physical and motor skills they’ve not been developing while hunched over books (or phones and iPads!) at home and in school.

You’ve come to the right place.

A Space to Play & Problem-Solve

You know that spaces condition minds and bodies:

A space designed like a bounded, row-by-row classroom will condition your children to read and problem-solve more than talk, to sit down more than walk, and to comply with social etiquette overseen by a teacher.

A space like a playground will condition them to run around boundlessly instead of sit, to develop motor skills while playing, and to have a more liberal understanding of space while being more leniently overseen by a parent or physical education teacher.

But a space like ours, designed as a bounded play-zone with intelligently-designed play equipment, will condition them to the best traits of both the former spaces.

Trampoline fun at Kiddington

Our space lets your children problem-solve while having fun, develop motor skills while playing, and also makes sure they comply to the few rules of the play-zone. And you do not necessarily need to be overseeing their every move, as our slides, rope tunnels, zip-liners, trampolines, and ball pool meet prescribed safety standards, and we have a team of childcare personnel supervising your kids all the time. We give your children an option of not merely doing “what they are supposed to do,” but rather, whatever the space creatively allows them to. This is at the core of our ethos.

Our Beginnings

Bigger cities, filled with loads of bored children, suffer from a scarcity of recreational spaces. Buildings keep proliferating to accommodate the people immigrating, and the few parks and recreational areas fast deteriorate due to overuse. We observed—through personal experience no less!—that the average middle-class parent in Mumbai was disgruntled with the lack of recreational options for their children. Some of us, who had been abroad, also noticed the popularity of play-zones in other nations.

So, in 2014, we established our first play-zone in Kandivali, Mumbai. We later expanded to Pune in 2018, and have only gone from strength to strength since then. Children find our play-zones a delightful escapism from their daily lives, and parents are content to watch their children being their unfettered selves.

Venue, Rules, & Timings

Our play-zone in Kandivali is an imaginarium of delights for your children. It is a playmaze of 3 levels, which includes a rope tunnel, a zip-liner, a trampoline, and a very colourful ball pool!

We enforce a ‘No Gadgets’ policy inside the play-zone to ensure that your children are engaging with the play-zone only. Shoes and food aren’t allowed inside the play-zone as well, to ensure hygiene. So socks are mandatory. Our popular cafétaria and seating area is adjacent to the play-zone where parents (and exhausted children!) can sit down and relax, order a cuppa and read or get on calls or simply attend to unfinished work. We are open from 11:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, and have an extra half-an-hour on weekends. You can book slots for your children on an hourly basis. A membership plan is also open.

Our Other Services

In addition to giving your children a place to play, we have enough and more space for parties, talent shows, workshops and other events within our premises. Special festive events are arranged all through the calendar, and you can sign your children up for those to enhance their social lives.

Colourful Ball Pool Kiddington

Educational institutes and NGOs can have us organize and oversee their events. We do events for special needs children, giving them a time to be themselves in a setting that encourages free expression. We have also arranged for underprivileged children to use our play-zone, and it was one of the most humbling experiences—watching them enjoy themselves. We hope to expand our services to the rest of the nation because we know we have what it takes to inject that element of fun into our children’s lives!

We’ve been featured on international websites as being one of places to visit in mumbai, and we’ve noticed that our service is turning heads. So we’re looking forward to accommodating the other needs of the larger community. It is the primary reason we got into this business. We offer the community an option that is unique. And we’ve seen that the community has benefited from it.

Stay blessed!

11 Jan 2020

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